REMINDER: 2017 Recital Costume & Recital Fee Payments:

Costume Deposits due October & November

Recreational Costume/Recital fee payment due dates: October 13th ½ payment on 1st costume. November 10th ½ payment on 1st costume. December 8th any and all balances due on the additional costumes (2nd, 3rd or more costumes) all dancers ages 9 and up will require an additional ballet costume. *A $10 late fee will be applied to any costume amount not paid in full by designated due date Recital Costumes must be ordered and paid for in advance to insure dancer’s participation. The costume fee is listed below and must be paid within installments. This costume/recital fee includes, recital costume, all accessories (except shoes) such as props, hairpieces, tights etc.   Costume/recital fee payments: Ages 2-8 female dancers: $100 costume/recital fee (includes tights and accessories if applicable). Ages 9-teen female dancers, Level 3 and/or level 4 acrobatic dancers: $115.00 costume /recital fee (includes tights and accessories if applicable). Male child dancers: $80 costume/recital fee with the exception of hip-hop. Male adult dancers: $100 costume/recital fee with the exception of hip-hop. Costume companies are not offering sufficient options so If enrolled in hip-hop instructor will provide list of items. $20 Recital fee is only billed one time per dancer not per costume.  Final date to order recital costumes (if they are available) March 10.

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As stated in studio handbook on website & emailed policies:

Techniques In Motion School of Dance emphasizes a regimen of technical & artistic instruction. Students have the opportunity to demonstrate their instruction with performances in the annual spring recital. Our Spring Recital is the “Highlight” of the dance year! The students train very hard all year for this performance. Participation in the end of the year dance recital is not mandatory; it is strongly encouraged however & is considered an important part of the overall dance experience. Dancing is a performing art & the performance is the highlight of a dancer’s experience, something for them to look forward to & to strive for. Being part of a performance helps build self-esteem & self-confidence & gives students a chance to showcase the results of all of their hard work, dedication, & progress. All of our students, regardless of level, are invited to perform in our annual recital.  The anticipation & excitement will build each week as the performance date nears & although partiality is not shown in classes towards dancers who choose not to participate they inevitably will begin to feel left out. The dance recital is an exciting time but it is also an important commitment.  Students that miss (even one class) become lost & often emotionally affected & over-whelmed while trying to catch up. They become overloaded while trying to learn last week’s steps and the current ones in the middle of our recital preparations. Class Attendance is very important! If you are in doubt regarding your child’s participation in the dance recital, please contact us to discuss the issue. Since 99% of dancers perform in Spring Recital, Recital participation is assumed. Please inform us prior to October to indicate if your dancer will not be participating.


The rehearsal process is also a tremendous learning experience as well. It helps the children develop retention skills, & by working with their classmates on a group performance, they learn the positive aspects of working as a team to create the best end result. Your child’s class will have a designated time for dress rehearsal. Younger children will be scheduled earlier & older children will be scheduled later.   The day & times of the dress rehearsal & dance recital will be provided in March or April.  If you commit your child to participate in the annual dance recital they will be required to be present at the mandatory dress rehearsal in order to perform in the dance recital.


 If dancer is enrolled in classes that are of different levels or ages they will be performing in more than one recital program. Sibling dancers may not be in same recital program.  To be eligible to participate in recital, all fees must be paid & your account must have a $0 balance prior to stage dress rehearsal date.


REHEARSAL & RECITAL DATES: May 25-27, 2017 Kenan Auditorium UNCW

o       MANDATORY Stage Dress Rehearsals: Thursday, May 25, 2017 (4-530pm show #1 dancers, 530-7pm,  show #2 dancers, 7-830pm show #3 dancers)

o       Recital Programs: Friday, May 26 (5:30pm) & Saturday, May 27 (1pm matinee & 530pm program).

o       Dress Rehearsal IS MANDATORY in order to participate in Spring Recital Stage performance. Rehearsal time is vital for the dancers blocking, spacing and familiarization of the stage & an audience. If dancer does not attend rehearsal time then they will not be allowed to participate in recital program.


















Each dancer participating in the spring recital event & pays a recital fee will receive 3 tickets to the program in which they are performing in. All other tickets will be purchased through the venue. Recital tickets will also serve as the Free Year of Dance Raffle ticket. At the finale of each recital program a drawing is held for a Free Year of Dance for the following August-May dance season. Dancer will need a ticket as well. Any person needing a seat will need a ticket.


Each dancer will receive 3 tickets to the program in which they are performing in for Parents & Dancer. We believe the recital experience is for everyone and the dancers will remain in audience prior to dancing on stage & return to their seats after performing on stage, as an audience member to enjoy the shows. The three original tickets will be provided to each dancer upon costume distribution. Any person requiring a seat will need a ticket. If dancer is enrolled in more than one class that is not in a block or has siblings that are also enrolled there is no guarantee that they will be in the same recital program. Mrs.  Jennifer works tirelessly to attempt to make this work in the schedule but sometimes it is just not possible. We appreciate your patience & cooperation!





All additional tickets may be purchased through the venue (not the studio!!).

Available beginning April TBA

Prices: Adult = $8.41  before tax

Child/Student (18 or younger/College ID) = $5.61 before tax

Price showing is the before tax amount but once they go to check out the tax makes the total be an even $6 or $9.

Those fees are only if they purchase online. Call or go in to the box office to avoid the online fees.

Once tickets are purchased, there are no refunds or exchanges.

Each & Every recital ticket comes with a 1 Raffle ticket attached for a Free Year of Dance! At the finale of each recital program a drawing is held for a Free Year of Dance for the following August-May dance season. So, the more tickets you have the better your chances are of winning! Must be present at finale of recital to win.




Phone:  (910) 962-3500 or 1-800-732-3643

Hours: Monday – Friday 12noon-6pm

Location: UNCW Kenan Auditorium – 601 South College Road Wilmington, NC 28403 (GPS Address: 515 Wagoner Dr)

Payment Methods: Visa or MC via phone, Cash, Check, Visa or MC in person

VERY IMPORTANT to specify which performance you need ticket(s) for!




Order online @ TBA


 Tickets sell out very fast! So get yours early! Friends and family not able to attend recital may attend the rehearsal Free of charge.



Please check emails and Face Book posts regarding Recital Information as the event draws near. Very important info will be sent to all dance families on a regular basis. A LOT of details will be sent out to all dance families in order to keep things running smoothly. So please check & read info distributed!


We are also offering a Recital Informational Question & Answer Session for all TIM dance parents on Friday April 28 @ 6pm at the dance school to answer any and all recital related events (recital pictures, stage dress rehearsal & recital programs, etc.) and explain how the rehearsal & recitals will be run.




Any questions please call us at 910 799-3223 during morning business hours 11am-2pm or email Ms. Terrie @










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