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Techniques In Motion School of Dance Spring Recital: May 22-23, 2020 | Kenan Auditorium UNCW


Detailed Information (Recital Photography Schedule, Costume & Hair Requirements, Video Order info, Ticket info, etc) will be distributed via email and on website Approx April -May. To aid us in offering organized recital events such as photo sessions, video orders, dress rehearsal, recital, tickets & all other events regarding recital Please check emails and Face Book posts regarding Rehearsal & Recital Information as the event draws near. Very important info & details will be sent to all dance families on a regular basis in order to keep things running smoothly. So please check & read info provided!

Techniques In Motion School of Dance emphasizes a regimen of technical and artistic instruction. Students have the opportunity to demonstrate their instruction with performances in the annual spring recital. Our Spring Recital is the “Highlight” of the dance year! The students train very hard all year for this performance. Participation in the end of the year dance recital is not mandatory; it is strongly encouraged however and is considered an important part of the overall dance experience. Dancing is a performing art and the performance is the highlight of a dancer’s experience, something for them to look forward to and to strive for. Being part of a performance helps build self-esteem and self-confidence and gives students a chance to showcase the results of all of their hard work, dedication, and progress on a professional theatre stage with professional lights, audio, etc. The recital event belongs to the performers. They are the stars, and what’s important is how they will remember their experience. Will they remember how much their costume cost or if they did their dance perfectly? No—but they will remember that their families came & took pictures, and that they felt special! All of our students, regardless of level, are invited to perform in our annual recital. The anticipation and excitement will build each week as the performance date nears and although partiality is not shown in classes towards dancers who choose not to participate they inevitably will begin to feel left out. The dance recital is an exciting time but it is also an important commitment. Students that miss (even one class) become lost and often emotionally affected and over-whelmed while trying to catch up. They become overloaded while trying to learn last week’s steps and the current ones in the middle of our recital preparations. Class Attendance is very important! If you are in doubt regarding your child’s participation in the dance recital, please contact us to discuss the issue. Since 99% of dancers perform in Spring Recital, Recital participation is assumed. Please inform us prior to October to indicate if your dancer will not be participating.

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