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Our daughters have been dancing at TIM since before they started school. We love the teachers, the dance families, and the friendly, kind, and caring environment that Ms. Terrie and her staff have created at TIM. We love TIM and our girls look forward to tap class each week! Amanda & Will Boomershine

I have been blown away by your studio since Juliet started in March, emphasized last night by the dress rehearsal. I’ve never seen a more relaxed, yet organized, dress rehearsal. No drama, no stress, no attitude! The focus is 100% on the students having a good experience and it totally shows! I love your studio!!! [After recital] I was absolutely blown away by the show!!! I am so uplifted and inspired by you, what you’ve created, your team, your dancers. That was the best recital I have ever attended, far and away! You are amazing!!! Great job, great work!!! I’ve been singing your praises all over town. Love your studio!!! Thanks so much! Melissa Story

We are so grateful for Techniques in Motion and the love, care, and technique the teachers share in every class. We’ve had the pleasure of being a part of the TIM family for quite a few years, and over the years our daughter has thoroughly enjoyed numerous dance classes and styles. Each lesson has taught her about confidence and poise, but most importantly about having fun. TIM is a wonderful studio – highly recommend! Kim Lannou

My daughter loves this dance studio. And we are so happy to have teachers that have taught her so quickly and made her feel comfortable from day 1. They are awesome

Allison Cook

Amazing staff, amazing facility, just great for character building, great for confidence ….wonderful wonderful studio very impressed

Ebony Hamrick

I wanted to review TIM because they are amazing and need to know that! They are friendly and have amazingly skilled teachers. They become your family after just one class!

Sarah Barnes

Love this dance school! Both my daughters can not wait to get to dance each day. Everyone is friendly the teachers are professional and fun!

Wendy Fantini

My girls have been dancing at TIM since 2011. We have taken tap, ballet, hip hop, acro, kinds zone, and more. Now my middle daughter is on the competition team and I can NOT EVEN express the joy and passion I have seen grow in her just in the past month of practice. She is so excited and the staff is so sweet and caring and you truly become a family. I look forward to where this journey will take us

Courtney Winter

This group of talented instructors has gave my whole family something to dance about including me!

Richard Martin

Love this family, Brooklyn spends most afternoons dancing here with all her wonderful friends and loves every minuite of it. She loves all the teachers and they are so welcoming to her and all the youngers girls that need dance support. Thank you so much for giving Brooklyn the confidence she needs to dance and for life experiences.

Debbie Phillips

Both of my girls love being part of this dance school family!!! We have the best time with the students, parents and dance instructors♡ Thank-you Terri

Gailyn Robinson Gagliardi

Love this dance school and how welcoming the staff and dancers are! I have to drag my daughter out of their studio, she never wants to leave.

Kady Taylor

I’m so glad we decided to join the TIM dance family! The teachers are able to bring out the best in their dancers while still being kind and fun! I know my daughter is looking forward to dancing at TIM for many years to come

Meagan Bainer

I have been with TIM for 14 years and I can honestly call it my home. It’s more than amazing dance, it’s family.

Kasi Shannon

So happy we joined- my baby girl is beyond happy there- she adores her time there!!

Heidi Thompson

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