Recital Costume

Pictures of Recital Costumes for all recreational classes are posted in front lobby and on studio website in April. Costumes will be distributed when we have tried on all costumes and are satisfied with the sizing. To insure there are no costume problems prior to pictures, rehearsal, recital, and students should not wear their costumes, accessories or tights prior to the photo session, dress rehearsal, or performance. If a mishap occurs with the costume after it has been distributed then it jeopardizes the dancer’s ability to perform in recital event. We recommend that the name of each dancer be placed in each costume, shoes, accessories and tights. Place costumes in a garment bag with dancer’s name. Pack accessories in a clear plastic bag with dancer’s name. Hats should be stored in a hatbox or similar container to prevent damage. Please do not wash costumes in your washing machine, dry- clean or use Febreze if necessary. If in more than one number during recital we recommend to bring a clothing rack to auditorium and hang costumes in the order of stage performance.  Do not allow eating or drinking, other than water while in costume. Tights (if necessary) are provided in costume bags and are completely sanitary. Any questions regarding costuming should be asked on picture day or addressed prior to rehearsal.

Students will not receive their costume(s) or tickets until the balance is paid in full. COSTUME & RECITAL FEE PAYMENTS MAY NOT BE MADE ONLINE OR IN STUDIO BY CREDIT OR DEBIT CARD. CASH, CHECKS OR MONEY ORDERS ACCEPTED ONLY FOR COSTUME/RECITAL FEE PAYMENTS. When making a costume/recital fee payment it must be a separate check from tuition and please write “RECITAL” and dancers name in memo line. Any costume orders placed or changed after January 31st will include additional shipping charges. (Approx: $15.00) and may arrive later than the costumes ordered in December. All costume/recital fee payments are final and non-refundable regardless of circumstance. Costumes are nonrefundable and nontransferable. If a student withdraws from a class after purchasing a costume, the student/family will be contacted when the costume is available for pick-up. Additional charges will be assessed if a student is enrolled in more than one “block” of classes and therefore need more than the allotted class costume. Adult Students DO participate in the Spring Recital however in most cases Adult Classes Do Not pay for a Recital Costume. The instructor & adult class members decide upon stage outfits for adults for the performance. Students will learn a different recital routine for each class they are enrolled in; students in multiple classes are encouraged to participate in the performance of each of their classes. There is a different costume associated with each class. Children will be measured for their costumes in December and costumes will be ordered by TIM School of Dance by mid-December to ensure delivery in time for the dance recital. Costumes will be handed out by the end of April. If you paid for a costume and then your child dropped out of class, you may pick up your costume after May 15th. All costumes not picked up by the end of June will become the property of the Dance school and will be donated.

Recital Costume & Recital Fee Payments

Recreational Costume/Recital fee payment due dates: October 12th ½ payment on 1st costume. November 10th ½ payment on 1st costume. December 8th any and all balances due on the additional costumes (2nd, 3rd or more costumes) all dancers ages 9 and up will require an additional ballet costume. *A $10 late fee will be applied to any costume amount not paid in full by designated due date Recital Costumes must be ordered and paid for in advance to insure dancer’s participation. The costume fee is listed below and must be paid within installments. This costume/recital fee includes, recital costume, all accessories (except shoes) such as props, hairpieces, tights etc.   Costume/recital fee payments: Ages 2-8 female dancers: $100 costume/recital fee (includes tights and accessories if applicable). Ages 9-teen female dancers, Level 3 and/or level 4 acrobatic dancers: $115.00 costume /recital fee (includes tights and accessories if applicable). Male child dancers: $80 costume/recital fee with the exception of hip-hop. Male adult dancers: $100 costume/recital fee with the exception of hip-hop. Costume companies are not offering sufficient options for male dancers so if enrolled in hip-hop instructor will provide list of items. $20 Recital fee is only billed one time per dancer not per costume.  Final date to order recital costumes (if they are available) March 10.

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