TIM Performing Company Teams

The T.I.M. intensive performance/competition teams were established to give those students who expressed a “more than recreational” intensive interest in their dance and their dance studies the opportunity to do so. Company members are those students who have excelled throughout the dance year and/or possess the maturity and character necessary to handle dance instruction at this level. We do our best to encourage the student to be the best they can be however much of the dancer’s advancement lies with the dancer and how much they practice. As with any extracurricular activity that encourages personal growth and self-confidence, learning a structured art form requires loyalty and passion from each student and loving support & encouragement from each parent. We at the studio believe in our role in the installation of honoring commitment. The formation and participation of these teams is just one way of demonstrating that commitment. Our mission is not just teaching dance routines but to aid in providing these students with some of the traits we deem important for their future: Responsibility, Dedication, Team Work, Accountability and Obligation while establishing lasting relationships with friends, mentors and having a lot of fun!

Techniques In Motion School of Dance Performing Company Audition Classes

Tuesday May 30th held at T.I.M. School of Dance:

Dancers will have 15 minutes to learn a 32-count combo per element in which you are interested in.

Junior Level:

4:15-4:30 Contemporary
4:30-4:45 Jazz 
4:45-5:00 Hip Hop 
5:00-5:15 Tap 
5:15-5:30 Ballet 
5:30-5:45 Ballet

Elite Level:

4:30-4:45 Contemporary
4:45-5:00 Jazz
5:00-5:15 Hip Hop
5:15-5:30 Tap
5:30-5:45 Ballet

Wednesday May 31st is Audition Day

All Levels with the exception of Hip Hop will audition in Ballet. Ballet attire must be worn. Dance attire for the Ballet audition: Black leotard, pink tights, pink ballet shoes, hair in a bun.

Audition fee- $20. Cash ONLY (paid upon entry on Audition Day)

Junior Audition time 4:30-6:00

Elite Audition time 6:00-7:30

Results will be emailed to the address given upon audition registration Date TBD.

Good luck Dancers!!!

TIM Performing/ Competitive Junior & Elite team Audition Information


If interested in auditioning for the TIM Company teams (Junior & Elite ONLY) please sign up for our Competition Technique Prep and Co Ballet classes!

Ages 11 & up ONLY!

These classes are full of helpful information to make sure your dancer is confident and ready to step into the room to try out for the team for next dance season! These classes are for new students who haven’t been on a competition dance team with us before, current TIM recreational dancers interested in joining company and current CO team dancers desiring to audition up a level!

Tuesday classes offered TBD.

Current Petite Co members may attend classes on TBD only.

Jr Co Hip-Hop Technique
Jr Co Jazz Technique
Jr Co Contemporary Technique
Elite Co Contemporary Technique
Elite Co Jazz Technique
Elite Co Hip-Hop Technique
Elite Co Tap Technique
Jr Co Tap Technique

Thursday classes offered TBD

Elite Co Ballet 615-715pm
Jr Co Ballet 615-715pm

Please contact Ms. Terrie via email tbatson@bellsouth.net to sign your dancer up for any of these classes. Please include which dates dancer will be attending. Cash, check or CC on file payment due at the time of class.

$10 per dancer per 45-minute class
$15 per dancer per hour class.

Mini & Petite Dancers

Mini & Petite Level Company Dancers are invited for next season in early May from TIM recreational dance classes. TIM Instructors look for attributes such as attendance, passion, talent, dedication, parental support, commitment, and attitude when deciding who to invite. Since ballet is the foundation of dance, being enrolled in ballet classes is a plus! Minis compete in Tap, Jazz & Hip-Hop only. Petites: Tap, Jazz, Hip-Hop & Contemporary.

Junior & Elite Dancers

Auditions are held at the end of May each season after Spring Recital @ TIM School of Dance for Junior & Elite Levels. We offer an audition workshop class for all elements (Tap, Jazz, Contemporary & Hip-Hop) the day prior to auditions. Workshop & Audition is FREE of Charge. Dancers will have 15 minutes per element to learn a 32 count combination in which they will audition with the following day.  Dancers may choose the elements that wish to compete in. A Ballet audition is required for all members acquiring membership in the Tap, Jazz and/or Contemporary company teams. Must wear a leotard, tights, ballet shoes & hair secured from face for audition and subsequently in classes if they make the team. No ballet audition required for Hip-Hop company. The ballet audition is presented to the dancers in front of the judges.

Company Team Tips

  • Judges are chosen from professionals from dance community
  • Choreography hired out for all core routines
  • Fundraising Opportunities
  • Azalea Festival Participation, Summer Training Intensives & Spring Recital (all three shows) required
  • Approx 4 Competitions and 1 Convention throughout Dance Season (may change from year to year)
  • Teams do not compete in Ballet, however, it is required for training & technique. (except for Hip-Hop only dancers)
  • To be a member of the competition team we do have requirements and a code of conduct that must be followed by each dancer. Regular attendance is a must and practice outside of class is essential.
  • Competitive dancers MUST be enrolled at TIM for at least one year prior to being on team.

Our studio’s reputation and success rest, in large measure, on parental involvement. We appreciate your cooperation and support which enables us to provide a profitable and satisfying dance experience for you and your child. Techniques In Motion welcomes your concerns, questions, comments and/or suggestions. For more information regarding TIM Competitive Dance teams please feel free to contact us at the studio during morning business hours. The afternoons and early evenings are dedicated to dance instruction. Or you can contact our Artistic Director: Mrs. Jennifer Spivey Grooms  | (910) 799-3223.

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