‘DANCE’ IS IN THE WORD “ATTENDANCE”. Attendance is important to the learning process in dance class! Advancement is contingent upon consistent instruction. Frequent absences even in one student delay progress of an entire class.  Poor attendance will result in poor training. Please contact us if the dancer will be absent and for make-up class options. Make-up classes are available and need to be done as soon as possible after the absence. Dancers MAY still attend make-up classes for the training but they will no longer count towards perfect attendance. Attendance is taken in each class and recognition in the form of 100% Perfect Attendance trophies or medallions are presented at the Spring Recital for Perfect Attendance.   To receive Perfect Attendance recognition must be enrolled prior to Jan 1 and must be participating in recital events for the class in which perfect attendance is earned in. Perfect attendance awards will only be presented to dancers who attended class consecutively from the time they enrolled until the end of dance season 100%.

Encourage and express pride in dancer’s efforts & accomplishments. Make sure dancer is on time and attends all lessons & rehearsals. Missing class can be discouraging and often they will have a difficult & frustrating time catching up. Encourage dancers of all ages to practice choreography or new material at home. This makes them confident and the dance experience more enjoyable. Talk with your dancers about what they learn in class and ask them to show you. Dance with them! Show respect for the dance educator. Feel free to contact the school to schedule a conference with any of the teachers. Avoid judgmental statements and be proud to be a non-gossiping dancer or parent. That is a negative influence on productivity both inside and outside of the dance school. Promptness with tuition, costume/ recital fee deposits & other funds is essential. Payments should be made prior to or on the due dates. Be proud that you and your dancer have healthy bodies and are focused on one of the greatest art forms of all!

Class Observation

Parents are asked to leave their children no more than 10 minutes prior to class time and return promptly to pick them up. Students who are dropped off earlier or retrieved later cannot be supervised. Since observation tends to distract the attention away from the instructor we ask parents and relatives to observe the first lesson of each month ONLY through the observation windows in the studio lobbies. Parents & or siblings inside the classroom are too much of a distraction to the students. If the need arises to speak with an instructor or director during their class time, please leave a message at the front desk and we will contact you at our earliest convenience. If you chose to stay at studio during your dancer’s class time please wait in front lobby area. We appreciate your support.

Class Size

If a class number drops below 3 students the class may be combined with another class or cancelled. If a class size becomes too large then class may be split in order to provide the best possible quality instruction for each student enrolled.

Performance & Competition companies are open to seriously interested students who meet the criteria of adequate proficiency and maturity to withstand the demands of arduous rehearsals and extra classes. Auditions are held in the summer for the Junior & Elite Companies. Directors & instructors reserve the right to hold private auditions. The Mini & Petite Company is by invitation only. Company classes are closed to non-company members. Company Dancers & their families sponsor many fundraisers throughout the dance season.

All dancers enrolled in all levels of Pointe are required to also be enrolled in an additional weekly Ballet class suitable for their age and level of experience.

Classroom & Studio Protocol

Please join us in maintaining the presentable atmosphere for all studio families and staff members. No food or drinks in studio. No smoking on studio property including E-Cigs. Students are encouraged to bring personal labeled water bottles to class. Proper attention & behavior is expected of all students at all times. No chewing gum, eating or drinking in dance areas.  Please do not allow children to run around the reception areas or stand on furniture, tap on windows or hang from the window sills and bump into the walls. We can hear the sounds while teaching and it is VERY disturbing and distracting to the students & teachers in the classrooms. We ask that your children have respect for other’s property and to behave here as you would like them to in your home. Please remind students to use restroom prior to class time. Please do not block the drive thru area in front of studio. Siblings & friends of All Students should not be left unattended in the dance school at any time. An adult MUST supervise siblings and/or friends not participating in class. Friends are not allowed to attend classes with the dancers unless they are having one free trial class to enroll in dance classes. We cannot be responsible for unsupervised children. Due to liability reasons students under 18 that are not enrolled in dance school must have a parent or guardian present while child is inside or immediately outside the studio facility. Students enrolled at the studio should be dropped off 10 minutes prior to class and promptly retrieved after their class time is over. Parental supervision is required prior to and immediately following class time. For each 30 minutes the dancer is left at dance school after their last class $5.00 will be added to dance account.

To aid us in providing professional and quality instruction and to ensure that students are comfortable in their dance space while learning or rehearsing teachers & enrolled students are the only persons allowed in dance rooms during class times. (unless otherwise invited by teacher). We appreciate your cooperation & understanding. Every effort is made by the instructors to begin and end classes on time. If for any reason the instructor runs over time the following class will be extended to compensate.  Please realize that the stretching exercises performed in the beginning of class are a vital part of safety in dance. Please make every effort to have the student on time for class.   Students are expected to be respectful and attentive in class to teachers and their fellow classmates. No hanging on Barres or putting hands on mirrors is permitted. Polite behavior and good manners should be displayed throughout class and lobby. Foul language or actions are not permitted. Students should not gossip or make their own groups and should work in unison as a class toward a common goal. Good attitude, good grooming, good attendance and practice at home are expected from each student. We are a private studio and reserve the right to dismiss any student or family who disregards studio policy, shows inappropriate behavior or upsets the harmony of the school.

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