Dance Parent Responsibilities

  • Please bring children on time every week since regular attendance is necessary for good training.
  • Please use proper entrance and exits into the facility and do not block traffic in the parking lot.
  • Please be prompt in picking up your child after class.
  • Please label dance shoes with student’s full name. please do not allow your child to wear dance shoes outside. Dance bags are available for sale in studio lobby and are recommended.
  • Please make sure that your child is properly outfitted for class each week in proper dance attire.
  • Please encourage practice at home.
  • Please do not bring food or drink of any kind into the studio.
  • Please remember that you are responsible for supervising siblings; keep them safe and under control in the lobby.
  • Please remember that while class is in session, the dance room doors should remain closed.
  • Please remember if you wish to speak to your child’s teacher, they are obligated to start their class on time but will gladly call you the next business day. Please leave a message with the receptionist or contact us through the website or (910) 799-3223
  • Students and parents should be respectful in the lobby area, using their “inside voice” and keeping voices down. Please do not allow students to stand on studio furniture.
  • Please remind students to clean up after themselves and respect studio property.
  • Please keep student’s jewelry and valuables at home.
  • Please check your email for updates and monthly news.
  • Please check the lost and found box frequently.
  • Please pay accounts on time. Late fees are issued on overdue accounts.
  • Please avoid gossip that may spread misinformation. If you need to discuss a situation, please call the office to arrange a mutually convenient meeting time.
  • Please don’t compare your child to other dancers or discuss such comparisons with other parents.
  • Please trust your child’s teacher’s evaluations since they are professional dance educators and only have your child’s best interest at heart.
  • Please review the studio polices with your children to help them understand why it is important for everyone to follow the studio rules.
  • Please remember that we value your patronage and support and want to THANK YOU for choosing us for your child’s dance education
  • All teachers, parents & students should be treated with respect at all times. Zero tolerance for gossiping & bullying, dance families will be asked to leave if not adhered to. If TIM is not satisfying your needs please communicate with us.

For more tips on supporting your dancer, please check out Dance Parent Etiquette.

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