Recital Photos

Strawbridge will be coming to Techniques In Motion School of Dance for Class Recital photos. Please look below to find your child’s class and when they are scheduled for recital photos. Recital Photos are taken at the DANCE SCHOOL IN MAY ONLY by Strawbridge Studios, Inc.  Please make every effort to have your dancer present at photo session even if not interested in purchasing photos.  All students are requested to be present at photo shoot!!!! After group photo shoot, students may choose to have solo portraits made in any or all of their costumes. Other parents want the entire group to be in the photo with their children. Parents are not allowed in dance rooms while photos are being taken. No personal cameras or videos are allowed at the photo session. If your dancer is unable to attend photo session please let us know prior to the first day of photos so we will not hold up the others by waiting. We stick to a tight time schedule to insure a prompt and organized photo session. Strap placements, adjustments to costumes & hairpieces will be discussed at photo session as needed. Please bring safety pins and bobby pins, hair spray, etc. Dancers should arrive ON TIME so we may stay on schedule & come dressed in first costume. Hair & make-up completed prior to arrival.

**Recital Photos will be taken in the studio May 10th & May 11th. Scheduled times for your recreational class: TBA

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