Azalea Festival Parade 2018

Techniques In Motion School of Dance families are invited to join us in the Azalea Festival Parade Downtown Wilmington on Saturday April 14, 2018.

Calling all volunteer riders, walkers & dancers to SIGN UP at front desk to participate. TIM School of Dance will have an entry in the Annual Azalea Festival Parade on Saturday April 14. We invite all dance families, parents, siblings and of course students of all ages to join us.

Sign- up sheet, release & permission forms and info are located at the reception desk and below. A parent or guardian for every students (under 18) participating in the parade must have permission slips signed. The truck & driver are donated by J & E Carriers free of charge, but we ask all participants to make a $5 CASH per person donation to be given to the driver for his time & gas.

FOR EVERYONES SAFETY ALL WALKERS, RIDERS, DANCERS, ETC MUST REPRESENT STUDIO BY WEARING DANCE SCHOOL SHIRTS OF ANY STYLE. All Participants MUST wear a TIM shirt of any style along with black pants or black shorts (with no logos). All ages are welcome to ride! Parents may walk or ride. ALL PARTICIPANTS must wear a TIM shirt.

  • VOLUNTEERS NEEDED: to decorate and help with the parade this year. If interested, please sign up at front desk
  • RIDERS NEEDED: All ages, parents, siblings, students, friends, etc are welcome!
  • DANCERS NEEDED: 8 years old and up only for a short hip-hop/jazz style parade routine. Choreographed and taught by Miss Hannah @ TIM School of Dance free of charge on these dates & times only!

If your dancer is interested in performing the dance routine during the parade route they are required to attend at least 2 of these dates & times to learn the routine. Must have a TIM T-shirt of any style. ORDERS FOR T-SHIRTS CAN BE PLACED WITH RECEPTIONIST NO LATER THAN MARCH 22 FOR $25 EACH.

Azalea Festival Parade Practices for Dancers:

  • March 4th- 1:00-2:00 (ages 8-10) & 2:00-3:00 (ages 11-up)
  • March 23rd- 4:00-5:00 (ages 8-10) & 5:00-6:00 (ages 11-up)
  • April 8th- 1:00-2:30 (ALL AGES)/ April 13th- 5:00-7:00 (EVERYONE)

Permission slips are required for all riders, walkers & dancers under 18 years of age. Detailed times & directions will be provided as soon as we receive from the Parade committee.

ALL parade participants:

  • Have permission slips completed, signed and deposited into payment box in studio lobby ALONG WITH THE $5 CASH DONATION FOR THE DRIVER. Permission slips must be returned to studio prior to April 13.
  • Due to the safety of all involved ANYONE riding on truck, dancing on or behind the truck, walking beside the truck MUST wear a TIM T-shirt. All representatives from dance school must be labeled as such. If parents, friends, siblings, etc are just going to ride they must have on a studio t-shirt.
  • Leave parade participant with us at designated time & location (TBA by parade office). We suggest you observe the parade event from an area closet to end of parade route so to retrieve parade participant immediately after TIM has completed the route.
  • Please complete permission slips (available at the front desk) & return to studio along with cash donation for the driver no later than Friday April 13th.



Beginning at 6:30 am Parade Marshals will move us into proper position on 3rd street. Meet at truck no later than 830am. The parade route is approximately 1.1 miles long and takes about 45 minutes to complete. It is straight up 3rd.St from Market St to Bladen Street .

A Map from Azalea Festival Parade Office is available in studio lobby.

TIM unit will be lined up on Third Street and participants should walk to meet. There will be an information booth at 3rd and Nunn St. where participants can receive assistance finding our unit.

A lot of streets will be closed the morning of the parade. Passes are available at studio front desk & will only grant you temporary access to the area, just long enough to drop participants off. We recommend that participants carpool and be dropped off. We have a drop off area close to the staging area at 4th and Ann St. (See Map) and you will need a drop off pass for your vehicle to enter. PLEASE SEE MISS ASHLEY OR MS. TERRIE AT FRONT DESK FOR A DROP OFF PASS. There is no parking in this area vehicles will be routed back out. BARRICADE PASSES ARE NEEDED FOR DROPPING OFF PARTICIPANTS CLOSE TO STAGING AREA. We recommend that walkers and riders park in the parking deck BUT LARGE GROUPS SUCH AS US CAN BE DROPPED OFF CLOSER WITH THE SPECIAL BARRICADE PASS.

PARKING: You will not be able to park anywhere around the drop off location. The Azalea Festival nor Techniques In Motion are responsible for any fines due to towing, tickets, etc.

Parking Locations:
1. Parking Decks on 2nd – We recommend parking in the parking decks on 2nd Street. These can be accessed via Chestnut Street until 8:00 am. Please refer to map for directions here. You will not be able to exit parking decks until after the Parade.
2. St. Mary’s Church will be charging a fee for parking on 5th and Nun St.
3. There are also some paid lots near the unloading area.

Our truck will stop BRIEFLY to unload TIM students at the end of the route on 3rd Street close to Harnett Street and then we must move on north to exit downtown to a Float Breakdown location. We recommend families watch parade near the end of the route so that as soon as TIM truck passes by you can follow truck (on the sidewalk) to IMMEDIATELY retrieve participants.

Most importantly, have a great time! We are excited you are a part of the North Carolina Azalea Festival Parade!

Registration forms may be completed online or in person at the dance school.
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